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VoIP & Telephony products and systems

VoIP/PBX Systems

New VoIP based business telephone systems can replace the brand name PBX at a lower cost but with more features. They can be set up as a conventional PBX type phone system using analog POTS or digital T1 or PRI lines for telco service, and they can also make calls to Internet based call termination providers to make calls on the Internet.

Our PBX replacements are network servers and scale like typical network servers. A single VoIP/PBX server solution can be designed at a reasonable cost to support a small business with a only a few phone lines. A single server solution with the right hardware will scale up to a maximum of 8 individual PRIs (192 phone lines) supporting thousands of phones.

Larger systems can be designed with multiple servers and sharing a VoIP gateway device. This allows the use of one or more DS3 circuits which support 672 phone lines each. We use this type of design for our hosted VoIP service.

Design services and custom programming

Let us use our networking experience to develop a phone system specific to your business needs.

Is there something missing from your current phone system that is not currently offered as a feature? We can design and develop custom features as required.

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