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How to set up Windows XP Dial-Up Networking

Do you have a modem installed?
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Checking for your modem
Right-click the "My Computer" icon located in the upper left hand corner of your desktop, then left-click on Properties. On the tabs at the top, click on Hardware, then Device Manager and then click on the + next to Modems. If there is nothing listed for the Modems, or you do not see the modems, then you do not have one installed and will need to do so.

Installing your modem
To have your modem installed, contact the technical support for your computer. Any 56k V.90 modem will work.

Internet Connection Wizard
Next, to setup your connection click on the following

Show all Connections

Click Start > Connect To > Show all Connections

Welcome To Internet Connection Wizard

Select Create a new Connection under Network tasks

Setting up your Internet connection

Under Network Connection Types select Connect to the Internet and click Next

Internet account connection information

Choose Set up my connection manually, and click next

Choose connection method

Choose Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next

Name Connection

Enter RockRiver Internet for your connection name and click Next

Access Number

Enter (815)986-4186 for the dial-up number to RockRiver Internet and click Next

Account Information

Now enter your Username and Password twice for verification, leave all boxes checked and click Next


Make sure Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop is checked and click Finish

Dial-up Window

Next double-click on the RockRiver Internet Icon on your desktop, it should display a window similar to this, click on Properties


Lastly, in the Dial-up properties window, click on the Networking Tab, below that click Settings, and uncheck "Enable software compression"

Your're finished! Click Ok, double click on the RockRiver Internet Icon on your desktop, then click Connect. You will see an icon of two computers in your system tray next to your clock. Those icons indicate that your that you're connected.


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