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How to set up Windows ME Dial-Up Networking

Do you have a modem installed?
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Checking for your modem
Right-click the "My Computer" icon, then left-click on Properties. On the tabs at the top, click on Device Manager and then click on the + next to Modems. If there is nothing listed for the Modems, or you do not see the modems, then you do not have one installed and will need to do so.

Installing your modem
To have your modem installed, contact the technical support for your computer. Any 56k V.90 modem will work.

Do you have Dial-Up Networking Installed?
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Checking for Dial-Up Networking
Click Start, then Settings, and under Control Panel should be listed Dial-Up Networking. If not, click on Control Panel. If you still do not see Dial-Up Networking listed, you will need to install it.

Installing Dial-Up Networking
To install Dial-Up Networking, click on Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-Click Add/Remove Programs and click the Windows Setup tab. Click the word Communications, then click on the Details button below. Find Dial-Up Networking in the list (usually at the top of the list) and click the box next to it to give it a check mark. Now click ok and insert your Windows ME installation cd when prompted. If asked to reboot, go ahead.

After rebooting your computer, click Start > Settings and listed under Control Panel you should see Dial-Up Networking. If not, contact your computer manufacturer's technical support.

Internet Connection Wizard

Location of Internet Connection Wizard

Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Internet Connection Wizard. In the window displayed, select the third option and click Next.

Welcome To Internet Connection Wizard

Select "I connect through a phone line and modem" and click next.

Setting up your Internet connection

In the box under "Telephone Number" enter 986-4186 and click Next.

Internet account connection information

Enter the User name and password you requested when you signed up with us. All letters should be lower case. Your password is replaced by stars for privacy reasons, so make sure you watch your fingers when you type. Once those are entered, click Next.

Internet account logon information

Erase the generated connection name and type Rock River Internet, then click Next.

Configuring your computer

It will ask you fi you want to set up an Internet mail account now. Click Yes, then click Next.

Set Up Your Internet Mail Account

Enter your Full name in the box next to Display name. This will be the name that appears when someone recieves an e-mail from you. Click Next.

Your Name

Enter your email address, which will be your user name with "" at the end, then Click Next.

Internet E-mail Address

For both mail server fields, enter "", then click Next.

E-mail Server Names

make sure the Account name is the same as your user name and enter your password for your account. If you would like the computer to remember your password for you, check the box labeled "Remember Password." Click Next.

Internet Mail Logon

Your're finished! Click Finish then in the Connect To windows that pops up, click Connect. You'll see the windows below, and when the last one disappears, you're connected. You might have a large window show up afterwards telling you your connection was a success. You will also see an icon of two computers in your system tray next to your clock. They also tell you that you're connected.

Completing the Internet Connection Wizard

To disconnect, right-click those little computers and click "Disconnect".

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