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How to set up Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking

     First, check to see if you have the Internet Setup Wizard. It is located in the Start Button menu under Programs > Accessories > Internet Tools. It may be called Get on the Internet or Internet Setup Wizard.

     Internet Connection Wizard If it's there, use the following instructions. If you have no Internet Tools, and are planning to install Microsoft Internet Explorer, go ahead and install it at this time and it should install the missing Internet Tools as well. If you have no Internet Tools and you do not plan to install Microsoft Internet Explorer, then skip down to Installing Dial-Up Networking.

     When you start the Internet Setup Wizard, you will see a box like the one above. Click the Next button. Now select the Manual option (we will be providing our own settings) and click Next.

     You will now see the Welcome to Internet Setup! box. Click Next. Select the Connect using my phone line option and click Next.

     Internet Mail You will now see the box on the left asking if you wish to use Windows Messaging for mail. If you want to use a custom mail package such as the one built into Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or a stand-alone mail package like Eudora, select No. Only if you plan to use Microsoft Exchange for mail should you select Yes.

     If this is the first time you've installed Internet support on your system, clicking Next will bring up the Installing Files box. Make sure your Windows 95 CD is inserted, and click Next again.

     Files will be copied to your hard disk, and if Windows 95 has not yet detected your modem, you may be asked to install it at this time. Usually this involves inserting a driver disk included with your modem and selecting the Have Disk option, or selecting your modem from a list. If your modem manufacturer recommends a different install procedure, click Cancel, install your modem drivers, then run the Internet Setup Wizard again.

     Service Provider Information Assuming all is well with your modem, you will see the box on the right asking for the name of your provider. Type Rock River Internet in the space provided and click Next.

     Now enter your Area code (815), and the appropriate Telephone number. For Rockford, this number is 986-4186. Your Country code should be United States of America, and the Bring up terminal window after dialing box should not be checked.

     Click Next to get to the User name and Password box. Enter exactly the same name and password you signed up with. Your password will appear as asterisks as it is being typed, so be sure to type it correctly. Click Next.

     IP Address Pictured on the left is the IP Address box. Select My Internet Service Provider automatically assigns me one and click Next.

     For DNS Server Address, just leave the blanks empty and click Next. (If you get a warning asking if you wish to continue, just click Yes.)

     You will now see the Complete configuration box. Click Finish. If you are prompted to restart your system click Yes and wait for your system to reboot.

     Now, find the My Computer icon on the desktop and open it (double-click). Now open the Dial-Up Networking folder and you should see an icon for Rock River Internet. Opening (double-clicking) this icon will cause your modem to connect to our service. Also, most Internet programs connect automatically when they are run. If you wish, you may drag a copy of this icon onto your desktop (creating a "shortcut") for easy access to the dialer.

     You should now verify that your dial-up setting are optimized for use with Rock River Internet, so jump to Optimizing Settings.

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