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Outlook Setup Information

If you do not see the following picture Click Here
startup.jpg, 29 kB

Choose not to import anything
dontimport.jpg, 34 kB

You want to set up an e-mail account
email.jpg, 24 kB

At this point, Click Here to skip to the rest of the installation.

Creating a new account

Choose E-Mail accounts from the Tools menu in outlook.
toolsacct.jpg, 28 kB

You want to add a new e-mail account
toolsacct2.jpg, 35 kB

Setting up the new account

You can choose POP3 or IMAP, if your unsure, please use POP3, its the simplest.
wizard1.jpg, 40 kB

Put in the basic information for the account, then click on the "More Settings" button.
wizard2.jpg, 49 kB

Under "outgoing server" tab, turn on "My outgoing server requires authentication"
more1.jpg, 28 kB

Under "Advanced" tab, turn on SSL for POP3, and change the port for outgoing mail to 2525.
more2.jpg, 33 kB

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