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Outlook Express Setup Information

There are two different paths to choose from. If you have not set up Outlook Express before, you should see the Internet Connection Wizard screen. If you do see this screen, please Click Here and skip over these first few steps.

Create new account

Once you have opened outlook express, go to the Tools menu and click on Accounts:
tools1.jpg, 29 kB

Click on the Add menu and choose Mail Account:
addnew.jpg, 19 kB

At this point you are now following the same directions as the Internet Connection Wizard.

Internet Connection Wizard

First it will ask you for your name. Put whatever you want people who receive e-mail from you to see as your "name".
wizard1.jpg, 22 kB

Then it will ask you for your e-mail address.
wizard2.jpg, 22 kB

Then it asks for server information. If you don't know what IMAP is, choose POP3 as it is the simpler setup.
wizard3.jpg, 30 kB

Your username is your FULL e-mail address. Our server doesn't use SPA
wizard4.jpg, 35 kB

And you will have set up the basic account.
wizard5.jpg, 19 kB

The advanced options

There are a few more options we need to set. Go to the Tools menu and choose Accounts
tools1.jpg, 29 kB

Select the "Mail" tab and find the account that we just set up. Click on this account and hit Properties
tools2.jpg, 24 kB

Under the "Servers" tab in the Properties Window, turn on the "My Server Requires Authentication" check box, and click on the "Settings" button next to it.
prop1.jpg, 38 kB

Make sure that "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is chosen. Then hit OK
outadv.jpg, 17 kB

Back on the properties page, under Advanced tab, change the Outgoing Mail Port number from 25 to 2525. Check the "SSL" box under the incoming mail server. Then hit OK.
prop2.jpg, 39 kB

Everything should be working now to check your e-mail. If you have problems, please call support at (815)968-9888 ext. 2.

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