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How to Set Up a PPTP Connection (Mac OS X)

Open up the Finder. In your applications folder should be a tool called "Internet Connect". Open this application.

Choose "VPN (PPTP)" at the top of the window.

Input the following information:
Server address:
Account Name: (username assigned by RRI Support)
Password: (password assigned by RRI support).
You may also optionally check the "Show VPN status in menu bar" box (Recommended).

Under "Configuration" choose "Edit Configurations..."

When prompted to save your configuration, give the connection a name and click "Save"

In the Configurations window make sure the description, server address, account name and user authentication parameters are correct, then click "OK". This will save your configuration for future use.

When you return to the Internet Connect window, make sure "Configuration:" matches the name you gave it then click OK to connect. The "Status:" in the bottom part of the window will show your connection status. When you are done using the connect click the Disconnect button.

If you are having any problems connecting, please contact Rock River Internet support at 815-968-9888 Ext. 2

PLEASE NOTE: While connected to our PPTP server you will only be able to ftp to your website. You will not be able to browse the web, or check your email. This is a security measure to prevent abuse of this system. To use your internet connection as you normally would you must disconnect from the VPN connection to our server.

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