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Dial-Up Telephone Numbers

Our dial-up POP (point-of-presence) number for the Rockford area is 986-4186.

The following explains the costs that all dial-up customers must pay to their local telephone company in order to place a call. These fees are paid regardless if they are using AOL, Rock River Internet, any other ISP, or even just talking on the telephone.

Rockford area SBC (formerly Ameritech) Calling Rates - In simple terms.
Rockford area residential customers pay SBC a flat rate of 5 cents per call for all calls. That is a bargain and amounts to a few dollars a month on most phone bills. Rockford areas served by SBC include Rockford, Loves Park, Harlem, Machesney Park, and North Park.

Rockford area business customers pay SBC 3.5 cents to connect and 1.5 cents a minute for all calls. That amounts to about $1 an hour or more on your business phone bill and it can quickly add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

If your business is connecting to the Internet an average of 4 to 6 hours a day, we can save you money with a dedicated flat rate Internet connection. Call 968-9888 for details and we'll show you the savings.

Verizon (formerly GTE) Calling Rates - for the Rockford area.
If you have Verizon telephone service in one of the following cities, Rock River Internet is now in your extended local calling area with flat rate calling! In other words, the cost to call us is now the same as if you were calling next door.

With Verizon phone service in Belvidere, Byron, Caledonia, Cherry Valley, Garden Prairie, New Milford, Pecatonica, Poplar Grove, Rock Cut, Rockton, Roscoe, Seward, Shirland, Stillman Valley, or Winnebago, you can now call Rock River Internet for a flat rate of 11 cents per call during prime time or 5.5 cents a call during off hours (9pm to 8am). The areas served by this plan will have a phone prefix of 234, 239, 247, 332, 335, 544, 547, 597, 623, 624, 629, 645, 765, 873, 874, or 885.

These telco charges are from Verizon, not Rock River Internet and everyone pays them for every call. Please confirm your phone rates and local calling areas by calling Verizon customer service at 1-888-972-1889 to make sure that you are on their Pay Per Call flat-rate plan and 815-968-xxxx is local to you. We will not be held responsible for your telco charges. See services for our pricing for Internet access. The old GTE plan was called measured service and you would pay for each minute connected. Measured service is almost always more expensive.

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