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Thank you for choosing Rock River Internet to host your e-mail. There are a few settings you can enable in your e-mail client that will give you added features, and more security for your e-mail. These guides will walk you through setting up your e-mail Client.

Windows Users:
SMTP Authentication
SMTP Authentication is a security feature that will be REQUIRED if you try sending e-mail from outside of the Rock River Internet network. This feature verifies that you have permission to send e-mail through our servers. Without it, we would be letting anyone send e-mail, and that would generate a lot of spam.
Port 2525/2025/587 outgoing
Along with outgoing authentication, we also allow outgoing e-mail on port 2525, port 2025 and port 587 as some ISPs (Internet service providers) block port 25 (the standard port for SMTP) as a security measure to lower the amount of traffic viruses can cause.
POP3 should be good enough for you, however if you have multiple computers that you check e-mail on, you may wish to try IMAP. IMAP allows you to store e-mail on the server (however you have a limited amount of space, if you wish more, please contact us). This allows you access to your e-mail from anywhere (including the web-mail system) exactly as you see it on your home/office computer. Some buisnesses may want to use this feature for remote users.
SSL is an encryption protocol used to secure communications between the mail server and your computer. Much like a "secure" website, this makes the e-mail you pass back and forth much harder to "snoop".
TLS is another name for outgoing SSL encryption. We suggest that everyone use SSL and TLS.
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