Rock River Internet Home Support

Setting up an FTP connection with Internet Explorer

Go to "My Computer". On the left side of the window click on "My Network Places" under the heading "Other Places".

Under the "Network Tasks" heading choose "Add a network place".

Click next to begin the wizard.

Click "Choose another network location" and then press "Next" to continue.

In the address bar put:
(So if your username is bob and your site is you would put

Give this connection a name like "My FTP site"

Click finish to complete the wizard.

A new window will open and an authentication window entitled "Log On As" should open on top of that. The username is already filled in. Enter the password in the second field. You may optionally check the box at the bottom of the window to save your password. Press the "Log On" button to continue.

If authentication was successful you should now be able to click and drag files to and from this window. To end the FTP session simply close the window. To reconnect to the FTP site go to My Computer > My Network Places, and then double click the icon of the connection you created earlier.

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