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Acceptable Use Policy

Rock River Internet provides a communications service, and as such, we do not control the content of the data you transmit and receive through our network. We agree to provide you with access to the Internet; you agree that you are responsible for the information you use.

  1. Our Pledge to You
    We are your on-ramp or access point to the Internet. We will do our best to keep your connection as fast as possible, to prevent busy signals, and to keep our system up and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will respond to your questions in a timely manner by e-mail, fax, or telephone. We will try to keep Internet abusers off our system. We will keep up with the latest in available technology. We will not oversell our services and we will keep our customer load well balanced by changing services or promotions and adding capacity as needed.

  2. Abuse
    We do not allow customers to sign-up for an account with false information. Lying and deceit is an abuse that we do not tolerate. We do not allow customers to tie up ports by "camping" online. If you want a dedicated connection then you must pay for it or find another ISP that you can fool. Ports are shared by our customers and are for their use, not their abuse. Any customer found to be abusing their account privileges will have their account terminated.

  3. Educational Accounts
    Educational accounts are designed as a very low cost way for a student or teacher to obtain Internet access and a single email account. It is limited to 40 connect hours a month and is only for a single student or teacher presently enrolled or teaching in area schools. If you have more than one user sharing your account, be sure to sign-up for a standard account.

  4. Unlimited Use
    Personal unlimited accounts do not mean that you can be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may connect to our system at any time, and as long as you are actively using the connection, you may stay online. Inactive connections will be disconnected after some time; artificial means of keeping connections open are not acceptable use. Remaining online for more than 24 hours at a stretch is not permitted. This is considered abuse. Customers guilty of this will lose their account privileges.

  5. Multiple Logins
    A personal account is only permitted one connection at a time. Multiple connections require multiple accounts.

  6. Personal Web Pages
    Some personal accounts include space on our web server. These are for personal pages. If you offer a product or service for sale on your page, that is commercial and you need a commercial web hosting account for that. (We do have inexpensive web hosting for small businesses.) We also do not permit any pornographic material on personal web pages, nor links to such material. Personal web pages are not permitted more than 100M of transfer per month; if your site requires more bandwidth, you will need to purchase a commercial web hosting account.

  7. Spam (Unsolicited Bulk E-mail and News)
    Spamming is not permitted. Any account which is used for sending unsolicited bulk e-mail, or for mass-posting of off-topic news messages, will be terminated immediately without refund. If you are planning on sending large amounts of email to legitimate recipients, please contact us first with details of your intentions.

  8. Hacking
    Attempting to gain access to Rock River Internet systems for which you have not paid, or using Rock River Internet systems as a "base" from which to port scan and/or launch attacks on other systems, is absolutely not permitted. Hacking is now considered a punishable crime. Accounts used for such purposes will be terminated and the relevant authorities notified.

  9. Payment for Services, Cancelation and Refunds
    We are not a free Internet service and expect to be paid for our services. When you sign-up for an account with Rock River Internet, you agree to pay for that service from the date of sign-up until the account is cancelled whether it is used or not.

    Cancelations should be made by telephone or email to If made by email, you must receive a response confirming your cancellation before it will be made effective. All past due amounts must be paid in full within 30 days of cancellation. Unpaid accounts beyond that will be turned over to collection.

    With few exceptions, we do not give refunds for unused time. If you sign up for a year, we expect that you are happy with our services and plan to stay with us for a year. If you are unsure about the quality of our services, try us out for a month or two before committing to a year. If your account privileges are terminated for abuse, you will not receive a refund

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