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Wireless Internet Service Comes to Rockford!

Did you know that wireless Internet is now available for businesses in the stateline area? Rock River Internet is now installing and supporting wireless Internet service using FCC approved low-power radio transceivers which operate under the unlicensed 900MHz, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. Wireless Internet is now available and cost effective for burstable T1 data rates with point-to-point distances up to 6 miles. Longer distances and higher speeds are also possible for businesses with greater needs.

As a wireless Internet pioneer in the Rockford area, we began experimenting with microwave wireless in 1998 and installed our first wireless POP and wireless business clients in 1999. In late 2003 we completed our 10th wireless POP installation. Rock River Internet has connected more businesses in the Rockford area using wireless technology than any other ISP. (Wireless 'POP' means Point-Of-Presence and is the hub where client radios connect to our network.)

A Typical Client Antenna Site Long Range Grid Antenna

We typically use a non-penetrating roof mount at client sites with flat roofs. The base is weighted with concrete blocks for stability in high winds. Great care is taken on the install to prevent roof or other building damage.

Line of Sight (LOS) to one of our wireless POPs is a requirement for a good error free connection. To achieve that, we use either a 10 foot mast as shown above or a 5 foot mast if we don't need the extra clearance.

The flat panel antenna shown on the left is most commonly used and measures 1 foot square. The antenna shown on the right is a higher gain grid antenna and is reserved for long distance or poor LOS installations.

Current wireless coverage areas include most of Rockford, Loves Park and Machesney Park along with parts of Cherry Valley, New Milford, Belvidere, Rockton and Roscoe. Our wireless POPs are located in downtown Rockford, Charles and 11th Street, S. Alpine and Newburg Roads, E. State and Mulford, E. State and Bell School Road, N. Alpine and E. Riverside Blvd, East Rock and Pyramid Industrial Parks, the Spring Creek and Perryville Roads area, and Belvidere. Other coverage areas are planned so please contact us with your interest and needs.

Rock River Internet's Wireless Internet Service eliminates all SBC and Verizon land lines. We can replace your T1 and provide a dedicated wireless connection to the Internet for lower monthly charges than what you are paying now or supplement your T1 service for protection against a T1 outage. Rock River Internet's Wireless Internet Service is currently available for most business locations in the Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Cherry Valley and Belvidere area. Included with this service is "Start to Finish" planning and installation along with a predictable monthly bill for all Internet usage.

Rock River Internet will consult with the client, perform the site survey, install the radios, antennae, towers, and install and maintain routers on both ends. We monitor the circuit 24/7 and troubleshoot all problems. The end result is a reliable dedicated Internet connection with the most reliable Internet provider in the area, without the point-to-point leased line costs.

For more information and a custom quotation on our dedicated connections, mail or call us at 968-9888 during normal business hours. When mailing us, please describe your business application in detail and include your name, address and telephone number.

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