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Delegation of the subdomain

Rock River Internet manages the domain "" and provides its means of registration. These services are provided under RFC 1480 - The US Domain as amended by the US Domain Registry.

Conditions of Delegation
Individuals, businesses, and government institutions can apply for this service. Registration entitles them to administrative control over the location and use of that domain.

Requested names must be representative of their legal names. For example, names such as "" or "" are acceptable. Names such as "" and "" are NOT acceptable.

Sending excessive junk e-mail and advertisements (Spamming) from a registered domain will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to revoke any name without prior notification.

DNS services, mail exchange, mail relay, and multiple host per domain services are not provided with the domain and must be requested from your ISP. If your ISP does not provide them, we can help. Contact us for more information.

Registration Fees
Registration of a fourth level subdomain for is provided as a free service to the city of Rockford, Illinois and its communities. However, your ISP may charge a fee for hosting the domain on their servers.

The Registration Process

  1. Contact us to request the appropriate subdomain for your host.
  2. Provide us the contact information for your ISP.
  3. Your ISP will send us the primary and secondary nameserver information for your subdomain so we can add them to our DNS records.
  4. We will create two records for your approved request: "" and ""
  5. Your ISP will set up the SOA records in their DNS.
  6. After delegation, your ISP will control the services on your host. Please contact them for any hosting related issues.
  7. Your ISP must inform us about changes made in their DNS servers that affect your site in order to maintain reliable service.

To request a domain or for more information, please contact us:


Rock River Internet
202 W. State Street, 8th Floor
Rockford, IL 61101

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