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POP3/WebMail/IMAP4 Mail Accounts

We include up to five POP3/WebMail accounts with most Internet connections. Additional mail accounts are available for a low fee. POP3, web-based mail, and IMAP4 are supported on our servers. Web based Control Panel access allows users to changed passwords, set forwards, create vacation messages, and manage SPAM filter settings. It makes sense to use mail accounts on our servers if you don't want the overhead and expense of running your own mail server. All mail accounts include spam and virus filtering. Standard mail accounts are set to hold up to 50MB and mail attachments are limited to 10MB each. Contact us for additional space.

Virtual Mail Accounts

With virtual mail, you can use your domain name with any mail account. These accounts can either be managed by us or self-managed by your assigned mail administrator through an easy to use web based control panel. Self-managed virtual mail accounts allow your administrator to add and remove accounts, assign and change passwords, and set mail forwards and aliases as needed. Virtual mail accounts are available in blocks of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 mail addresses.

Virus and SPAM Filtering for Mail Servers and Domains

Let Rock River Internet filter your e-mail for SPAM and viruses. Our highly efficient mail gateways will scan and remove all known viruses, all known spam, and mark suspected SPAM messages for quarantine or deletion at your mail server. This service which is included with our local and virtual e-mail accounts, is also available to anyone running a mail server which connects to the Internet. By using Rock River Internet mail gateways as your only mail entry point, you will prevent spammers who ignore MX records from directly connecting to your mail server. This is a major source of SPAM and otherwise difficult to stop. Additionally, the bandwidth usage and cpu load on your mail server will be significantly reduced if we filter or pre-filter your mail. Back-up mail service is also included with this service in case your mail server becomes temporarily unavailable.

Back-up Mail Service for Dedicated Connections

This is included as part of our mail filtering service and adds a layer of reliability to your e-mail service. It can be provided for anyone with a mail server and a dedicated connection to the Internet, no matter who your provider is and where you are located. This is a popular service with companies hosting mail on marginal cable, DSL, or wireless connections.

We have an extremely reliable and redundant full-time Internet connections at our downtown NOC where our mail and DNS servers are located. Back-up Mail Service works very much like ETRN. To provide this service, we set-up the DNS so that our back-up mail server is a lower priority mail server for your domain. If your mail server goes off-line or becomes unreachable to the rest of the Internet, our back-up servers automatically capture all inbound mail for your domain and store it until your server becomes available again.

Our servers try to auto-forward the mail to your higher priority server with retries based on a time ascending algorithm. The first retry is after 16 minutes, the next 33 minutes, and finally every 66 minutes which will continue for up to 5 days or until your server accepts mail again. You can also call support and request the stored mail to be forwarded immediately when you come back on-line.

ETRN Mail Service for Dial-Up Connections with Mail Servers

With ETRN service, a business can receive e-mail for their own domain without a full time Internet connection. MS Exchange Server (Windows NT) and Sendmail (UNIX) are two popular mail servers that support ETRN. We can work with either type. With this service, your mail server and our mail server communicate to transfer stored mail. Since we have a full-time Internet connection, we store all incoming mail for your domain. When your mail server connects and requests the queue, all mail is forwarded to your mail server which then sorts and delivers it to the correct addresses on your local area network.

Dedicated Mail Servers

We can set up, install, and administer a dedicated mail server for your business. This can be hosted at our NOC as a colocated server or administered remotely if located at your site. We are experienced with open source Linux based mail solutions and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

We are now offering hosted Microsoft Exchange accounts. Exchange is a feature rich environment that allows shared Calendars and shared Contact Lists with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. While this may save you money and support headaches when compared to running your own in-house Exchange server, the account cost is significantly more than our mail accounts hosted in a Linux environment. Call for details.

For more information and a custom quotation on our Mail Solutions, mail or call us at 815-968-9888 during normal business hours. Please describe your business application in detail and include your name, address and telephone number.

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