Rock River Internet Home Services

Rock River Internet is a full service, locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP). We can provide you with whatever level of Internet access and services you need. From personal dial-up accounts to dedicated business connectivity to commercial web site hosting and design, we can do it.

We can deliver your connection on 56K, v.90, ISDN, Centrex ISDN, xDSL, T1 (DS1), or Spread Spectrum Wireless. We design, install, and configure routers, Windows or Linux based mail, web, and FTP servers. Whatever your Internet needs are, give us a call today!

Personal Dial-Up Accounts
Personal Referrals

Business Dial-Up Connections
Hidden Costs of Business Connections
Dedicated Connections
Mail Solutions
Web Site Hosting Services
Web Site Design and Development

Domain Names and Registrations
Delegation of the Subdomain

Secure Certificates

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