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Rock River Internet is your best solution for fast and reliable, web, ftp, mail or application specific hosting. We offer inexpensive virtual domain hosting, as well as premium colocation services. Our web hosting options include Apache-SSL, LAMP, Microsoft IIS, and ColdFusion MX running on high performance Linux or Microsoft based servers. Our servers are monitored 24/7 for both function and load and all system software is kept current and secure.

According to Netcraft, the well known Internet tracking company, the two dominant web servers on the Internet are Apache with about 69% of the server hosting market and Microsoft IIS with about 20% of the server hosting market. We run the Apache server platform on Debian Sarge Linux and the IIS platform on Microsoft 2003 Servers. Other supported platforms which run on these servers include MySQL and PHP which along with Linux and Apache are known by the acronym LAMP, and Cold Fusion Server which runs on Microsoft IIS.

Commercial Web Sites, Servers, and Services
Our commercial server solutions offer 2GB/month of traffic unless otherwise noted. For extremely active web sites, an additional traffic is available. As with all our accounts and services, no spamming is allowed. Co-located servers are allowed to resell web service, other accounts are not.

Virtual Web Hosting Account
This includes a 200MB commercial web site with FTP or Front Page access. Bandwidth is limited to 2GB/month. Hosting is offered on either Apache Server running under Debian Linux or Microsoft IIS with Frontpage extensions running under Windows 2003 Advanced Server. The 200MB Virtual Web Hosting Account has a monthly fee of $20. See our Domain Names section for DNS fees.

Virtual Cold Fusion Web Hosting Account
This includes a 200MB commercial web site which requires the Cold Fusion platform. Bandwidth is limited to 2GB/month. Cold Fusion Hosting is offered on Microsoft IIs running under Windows 2003 Advanced Server. The 200MB Cold Fusion Web Hosting Account has a monthly fee of $40. See our Domain Names section for DNS fees.

Dedicated Server Account
This account offers a dedicated high performance server running Linux and Apache server software and a minimum of 30GB of hard drive space. A full system backup will be performed on a weekly basis and the server is protected with a battery backed up power supply. We will install customer supplied software packages for an additional charge. The Dedicated Server Account has an activation fee based on requirements and costs $200 per month.

Colocation Server Account
The Colocation Server Account means that you locate your equipment on our premises connected to our network. You can run whatever software you want as long as you abide by our acceptable use policy. The setup fee and monthly pricing for colocated servers starts at $100 per month and varies depending upon server space, power, bandwidth, and support requirements.

Web Site Access Analysis
Get detailed statistics of visitors to your site. This includes monthly reports, daily summary, hourly summary, domain reports, and file access list in an easy to read format with graphs. This is great for marketing surveys and demographics studies.

Web Site Access Analysis is now free with all commercial web sites.

For more information on our commercial services, please e-mail or call Tom Harker at 815-968-9888.

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