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The Hidden Costs of a Business Connection

Ameritech is the local exchange carrier that Rockford businesses must use to connect their computers to the Internet. All Rockford area Ameritech business customers pay for their telephone (and modem) usage with "measured service" where customers pay for each minute of line access along with a connect charge for completing the connection. Residential customers can escape measured service charges by selecting a flat rate plan of 5 cents a call (per connection) with no additional charges for the time spent on the call. Ameritech currently does not have a flat rate plan for business customers.

The Ameritech measured service rates are distance-based into 3 rate bands. The rate band describes the radius of a circle with the center point at Ameritech's central office where the connection is made. For all calls made to Rock River Internet the center point is in downtown Rockford at 134 N. Main Street. This means that our Rockford and Loves Park customers fall within Rate Band A when using our dial-up service.

Measured rate usage charges are the same for both POTS (analog) and ISDN (digital) regardless of whether the service is voice or data. These charges are based on the time and distance of the call from the CO (central office) of the number called. There are discounts applied depending on the time of day the call is made. Our rate chart and examples are based on a hypothetical business user which makes a single call at 8:00 AM and disconnects at 5:00 PM (9 hours) every Monday through Friday (which averages 22 days a month). This chart does apply time discounts but does not include the many federal, state, and local taxes which are added to your phone bill (your actual costs will be slightly higher).

Ameritech Measured Rate Service Costs

Rate Band Connect
1-Hour Call 9-Hour Call 9-Hour Call
22 Days a Month
A (0-8 miles) $0.025 $0.015 $0.92 $7.76 $170.30
B (8-15 miles) $0.05 $0.03 $1.85 $15.53 $340.61
C (15+ miles) $0.1050 $0.1050 $6.30 $54.18 $1191.96

While Rock River Internet has a flat low monthly rate for connecting your computer to the Internet, keep in mind that your Ameritech charges would easily surpass your ISP fees if you carelessly left your computer connected when not in use. Fortunately, our intelligent equipment monitors your connection for inactivity and disconnects your computer after one hour with no data transfer. This saves you Ameritech money and frees up the line for another customer. Unlike AOL and many other services, we do not disconnect anyone during file transfers or if other data activity is detected.

Rock River Internet has several custom plans designed to save money over measured rate service. We will calculate your costs and come up the the right plan to fit your needs.

If your Internet application requires more than 4 hours a day of connection time, you may be able to avoid measured rate charges with our Rock River Centrex ISDN service. This allows a non-measured 56K to 128K connection which can be either dedicated or demand based and is more cost effective than a dedicated leased line connection.

If you have two or more computers that are connecting to the Internet for more than 4 hours a day, it will cost less to connect your network to the Internet on a single dial-up line rather than connecting each computer on a separate line. We can show you how to accomplish this with the installation of a small business router.

For more information and a custom quotation on our Business Connections, mail or call us at 968-9888 during normal business hours. When mailing us, please describe your business application in detail and include your name, address and telephone number.

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