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DSL is an established standard for fast, economical connections to the Internet. Although there are a number of different DSL varieties, we support the more popular ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Link) g.lite standard.

Rock River Internet offers ADSL service for both Residential and Business customers who use AT&T telephone service in the Rockford area. Residential ADSL is a flat $25.90 a month. Business pricing and optional services like static IP addresses are more. We provide the use of a DSL modem and filters as required and support you with our local presence in downtown Rockford and local support technicians. The speed of residential DSL is typically 1.5Mbps down and 384Kbps up. ADSL runs on an existing AT&T phone line without tying up the phone line. Speeds of up to 6.0Mbps are available in limited areas at a higher price.

Internet ADSL consists of two parts. The first component is called the 'local loop'. Since not all homes can get DSL, we first qualify and then lease the local loop from AT&T (formerly SBC), the ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) in our area that controls the copper phone lines for most of Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, and South Beloit. If you have AT&T phone service and would like our DSL service, please click here for DSL service qualification. Verizon is the ILEC that controls most of the smaller communities surrounding Rockford and Loves Park. We do not offer DSL in Verizon telephone service areas.

The second ADSL component is called the 'port'. The port is the pipe to the Internet. We use a DS3 backhaul (45Mbps) to provide Internet bandwidth to our DSL customers. Our oversubscription rate much lower than others offering DSL in this area so true Internet speeds are typically much faster with Rock River Internet. The reliability and performance of your Internet feed depends highly upon the quality, competence, connectivity, and engineering of your ISP. That is why DSL will vary greatly among vendors. Although your local loop may be able to carry 1.5Mbps of data, there is a good chance that your ISP will not have the available bandwidth to deliver that much data.

Most smaller ISPs will only have one or two T1s for their Internet backbone. We have multi-homed DS-3 connections on diverse paths from the Internet backbone to our downtown Rockford NOC (Network Operations Center). We use redundant Cisco 7200 family core routers running HSRP for automatic failover and BGP4 routing protocol. Our network has fault tolerance that is unsurpassed in the Rockford area. We are not at the mercy of any one provider's stability and are engineered to run 24/7/365.

All of our dedicated connections include 24/7 monitoring for performance and connectivity and include back-up mail queuing at no additional charge.

Why should you go with us for your DSL service? We are small enough to care, we are local, we are honest, we are progressive, we are responsive, we know what we are selling and we have the in house expertise to install and support it. Call us today at 815-968-9888 or send us an email with your bandwidth requirements and location for a custom quote.

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