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Dedicated Connections

If your business has one or more computers that are connecting to the Internet for more than 6 hours a day, it may cost less to connect your network to the Internet on a single dedicated line rather than connecting each computer on separate dial-up phone lines and paying SBC/Ameritech or Verizon measured service fees.

We are experienced in providing Internet connectivity solutions for many businesses in the Rockford area. Rock River Internet can provide your company with dedicated, full-time Internet access at speeds from 56k to T1 and beyond over wired or wireless connections for a very reasonable price. For higher bandwidth requirements, we can also provide broadband DSL, dedicated radio wireless, bonded T1 connections or fractional T3 through full T3 connections.

Some of the options that we offer for dedicated connections are:

Our recommended solutions will vary based on your business location, budget, and needs. The following chart shows some of the standard methods of delivering dedicated connections.

Standard Speed Delivery T1 compare T3 compare
Analog 56Kbps Phone Line - -
ISDN/DS0 64Kbps Copper Pair - -
ISDN 128Kbps Copper Pair* - -
T1/DS1 1.54Mbps Copper Pair* 1xT1 -
T3/DS3 45Mbps Copper Coax* 28xT1 -
OC-3 155Mbps Fiber Optic* 84xT1 3xT3
OC-12 622Mbps Fiber Optic 336xT1 12xT3
OC-48 2588Mbps Fiber Optic 1344xT1 48xT3
OC-192 9953Mbps Fiber Optic 5376xT1 192xT3
*can also be delivered with wireless equipment

For more information and a custom quotation on our dedicated connections, mail or call us at 815-968-9888 during normal business hours. When mailing us, please describe your business application in detail and include your name, business address and telephone number.

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