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Colocation, a.k.a. colo, co-location and collocation, is the commercial service of providing Internet or leased line connections to one or more servers housed in a server room environment or in private colocation space. It can include rack mounted servers, desktop computers, cubes, towers, full racks, or just about any configuration imaginable.

There are many reasons for server colocation and some of them are not very obvious. The key features that colocation customers look for are: localization, bandwidth, reliability, security, accessibility, and availability of competent support. Colocation customers are using Rock River Internet for: off-site backup, high volume web servers, a centralized database, remote network monitoring, local television feeds, game servers, list servers, and more.

Colocation options include: pre-built rack servers, pre-configured servers, customer supplied servers, raw or finished colocation space and finished adjacent office space with premium bandwidth.

Rock River Internet's colocation center is conveniently located in downtown Rockford, Illinois, about 60 miles northwest of Chicago and 60 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. It currently occupies about 4000 square feet on the 8th floor of the Rockford Trust Building at the corner of State and Wyman with additional space available as needed. Both SBC and AT&T have their main Rockford COs (central offices) one block away. We are directly connected by underground fiber to SBC and by a licensed wireless DS-3 to AT&T. Our power is delivered underground by ComEd with the high voltage transformers next to our building. 208 volt AC 3 phase service is delivered inside. Although the downtown electrical grid has been extremely reliable, we are presently installing a standby Natural Gas Generator to back up our UPS systems and power the 8th floor in case of an outage.

Rock River Internet is the perfect place to colocate your server or equipment rack. Most smaller ISPs will only have one or two T1s for their Internet backbone and larger data centers don't have the support and availability that you desire. Rock River Internet offers the best of both worlds. We have a knowledgeable staff that is always available to answer your questions and quickly troubleshoot problems and a high speed redundant network that rivals the big boys. We offer lower costs than our competitors and the speed, reliability, service, and expert local support, that our customers have come to appreciate. Our unique and redundant Internet backbone, is unrivaled in this area.

We have multi-homed DS-3 connections on diverse paths from the Internet backbone to our downtown Rockford NOC (Network Operations Center). We use redundant Cisco 7200 family core routers running HSRP for automatic failover and BGP4 routing protocol. Our network has fault tolerance that is unsurpassed in the Rockford area. We are not at the mercy of any one provider's stability and are engineered to run 24/7/365. All of our dedicated connections include local and remote 24/7 monitoring for performance and connectivity.

We are large enough to meet all your data requirements yet small enough to care. We are local, we are honest, we are progressive, we are responsive, we know what we are selling and we have the in house expertise to install and support it.

If you would like to take advantage of our services, please call sales at 815-968-7888 or email

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