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Rock River Internet's Centrex ISDN Service

Portmaster 2e Did you know that Ameritech/SBC/AT&T charges all business accounts in northern Illinois 4 cents for the first minute to connect a call and 1.5 cents per minute to maintain that call? If your business is using a 56K modem and is connected to the Internet for more than 8 hours a day, you are paying Ameritech more than $200 per month for their services on that line alone for analog service! Most 56K analog modems will only achieve about 45.3K download rates and 26.4K upload rates.

We can give you a dedicated ISDN connection to the Internet for less than what you are paying now. This high speed digital connection is available in either 64K or 128K full duplex (in both directions) data rates and allows all computers on your local area network to share the connection. They can collect email in real-time and browse the Internet without usage charges. Rock River Internet's Centrex ISDN service eliminates all phone company line charges and measured service fees!

Rock River Internet's Centrex ISDN service is available for all Rockford and Loves Park area businesses in the SBC/AT&T service area. Included with this service is "Start to Finish" coordination with SBC/AT&T and a single, predictable, monthly bill for all Internet usage.

Rock River Internet orders the lines, coordinates the installation, and pays all SBC/AT&T bills. We install and maintain routers on both ends. We monitor the circuit 24/7 and troubleshoot all problems with the telephone company and our network. The end result is a reliable dedicated Internet connection at a lower cost than other alternatives.

Although our DSL and dedicated wireless services are now seen as a much better values and have overshadowed ISDN, there are still some applications for this service in areas where DSL or wireless coverage is not yet available.

For more information and a custom quotation on our dedicated connections, mail or call us at 968-9888 during normal business hours. When mailing us, please describe your business application in detail and include your name, address and telephone number.

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