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Nov-01-2013...No more residential connections. We are no longer offering residential Internet connections. We will continue to service business locations and offer hosting and colocation services at our data center.

With today's regulatory environment, it is no longer possible to compete with the franchised cable Internet services offered by Comcast in the Rockford metropolitan area. If you live outside of the Rockford area and do not have a cable option, there are wireless alternatives offered by rural ISPs.

We want to thank the many customers that we were able to serve over the years. We appreciated getting to know many of you and wish you the best.

Thank you Rockford!... Rock River Internet was voted Rockford's Best Local Internet Service Provider - ISP - in the People's Choice section of What Rocks in the Rock River Valley 2003 published by the Rockford Register Star.

Mail Server switch completed!... March-30-06. As of March 30th we have moved all accounts to our new mail server and they are working properly. The new server is bigger, faster, and more reliable, with many new features. It sports a totally new webmail interface. We now support POP3, IMAP4, and WebMail for reading mail along with SMTP and Authenticated SMTP for sending mail.

Personal mail accounts, virtual mail accounts
(e-mail with a company's domain name), and mail filtering can now be self-managed and administered through a simple web interface. Configuration help can be found here.

Rock River Internet is a full service, locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP). We can provide you with whatever level of Internet access and services you need. From personal dial-up accounts to dedicated business connectivity to commercial web site hosting and server colocation, we can do it.

A Typical Client Antenna SiteWe can deliver your connection on 56K, v.92, v.90, ISDN, xDSL, T1, or Dedicated Wireless. We design, install, and configure routers, Windows 2003 or Linux based mail, web, and FTP servers. Whatever your Internet needs are, give us a call today!

SPAM and Virus filtering will be more tightly integrated between the three mail servers. Two servers are used for filtering mail. The new mail server handles storage, delivery, and user interfaces. Improved monitoring will alert us to delivery problems within minutes. The transition is underway now. We have already started moving the virtual domains. There will be no lost mail. We expect the move to be completed in early April 2006.

October 2, 2005... RRI combats SPAM! Rock River Internet has just added a very effective SPAM filter to our mail servers. We have found that the majority of SPAM is sent from servers that are not properly configured with forward and reverse DNS records. We can't just delete this mail since a few servers that are meant to send valid mail might also have a bad configuration. Our new custom software has a unique solution for this problem. Read more ...

New phone system!... April 10-04. We have just installed a new voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone system with auto-attendant and voicemail at our Rockford NOC (network operation center). Read more...

Virus and SPAM filtering for company mail servers is now available! Select Mail Services or for more detail, select How it Works.

Free SPAM and virus filtering! We are now running SPAM and virus filtering on our mail servers. The majority of SPAM will be deleted before delivery. All suspected SPAM which has a possibility of being valid email will be tagged with ***SPAM*** in the subject field of the message. You can create a filter with your mail client to store these marked messages in a SPAM folder or send them right to the Trash. All mail that contains a known virus will be bounced from our servers. You will not receive any notification that a virus was sent. Click on the following links for more information on SPAM and viruses.

Why switch to Rock River Internet? - We can think of at least four good reasons.

No more busy signals. We constantly monitor our equipment and connections. We add capacity as needed, to assure our customers a connection and bandwidth when they want and need it... not when they can get through.

Faster connections. We use all digital lines and equipment throughout the Rockford area and we are connected to the Internet backbone with big pipes from multiple tier one providers. This means faster connect speeds, faster downloads and unmatched reliability. Unlike the national and area "bargain" ISPs, we don't overload our backbone connections. Your high-speed connection with us will be high-speed all the way to the Internet.

No forced hang-ups. If you are at your computer and using your Internet connection, you won't have to fight to stay connected. We don't over-sell our circuits and we don't try to kick users off when they are using their connection.

Local Service and Support. We offer fast, friendly, local support; no "800" number required. You can be assured that your web site and e-mail is hosted in Rockford and backed-up automatically on a daily basis. Although we do specialize in business connections and hosting, we don't discriminate. All of our customers receive the same, high level of service that our business customers have learned to expect.

Good news for area Verizon/GTE customers! - Flat-rate phone service is here now for Rockford and most surrounding communities. Click here for details.

Rockford area SBC/Ameritech Calling Rates - in simple terms.

See services for pricing on Internet access.

Effective Mar-06-02 v.92 is here! After several months of delays and testing, we have turned on the v.92 features in our state-of-the-art Lucent Access Server. Rock River Internet is the first Rockford area ISP to support the new standard.

RRI is now running on a dual DS3 backbone! On October 28, 2002 we turned up our AT&T Internet DS3 backbone connection. This is a high-speed 38GHz licensed microwave link beamed directly to AT&T's central office which provides us with unparalleled redundancy in case of a fiber cut in our OC3.

On April 29, 2002 at 5:30pm we started routing IP traffic over our new fiber optic backbone connection. Ameritech has completed the fiber optic OC3 link to our network operations center (NOC). Our OC3 (155Mbps) is split into three DS3 (a.k.a. T3) connections. We have connected the first of these DS3s to an Internet backbone provider. A DS3 has the capability to carry 28 T1s. The OC3 is run over two strands of fiber directly to Ameritech (now SBC). Twelve strands of fiber were spliced into our NOC so there is plenty of room for growth and redundancy.

Rock River Internet is now multi-homed! - Today on July 31, 2001 we have completed our goal to become multi-homed from the Internet backbone to our downtown Rockford NOC (Network Operations Center). With our Cisco 7204vxr backbone router running BGP4 routing protocol, Rock River Internet now has the fault tolerance that only the best Internet providers can afford. We are no longer at the mercy of one provider's stability.

Rock River Internet has moved! - On March 2, 2001, after 16 years at 1300 Rock Street we moved our offices and network operations center to a new downtown Rockford location. Click here for the latest details or here for a map.

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